Xiamos KMS Activator 10.21 Windows/Office Full Edition Version

Xiamos KMS Activator 10.21 Windows/Office Full Edition Version

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Xiamos KMS Activator 10.21 Windows/Office Full Version


Xiaoma KMS Activator is really good and very easy to handle (formerly called Oem7F7, Xiaoma OEM) it is very small up to 1.2 MB Microsoft product which is an activator prepared by the Xiaoma which is a very powerful and quick cracker from the country China. It is honored to have a such easiest and fastest at only the single click, it also have ability for the offline activation for  all Microsoft Windows and Office by its amazing tools with all  editions which are present now a days.

This version of Xiaoma KMS Activator is very unique software which is very famous among the peoples and also have a very high rate of its success as compare to other software’s. Its entire process of this activation is very quick, automatic and the results of its process of activations are quite pretty permanent. Any how the Windows which are activated or Office that can be successfully passed  Microsoft Official Genuine validation.

As mentioned above about this astonishing activation software with its amazing tools. You have to just keep in your mind is that is base on a single click by which you can permanently solve the  problem which is related to activation for Windows and Office products, it is very different from other software’s and far beyond to the similar activation tools (such as HEU KMS Activator, Windows Loader, KMS8, Microsoft Toolkit, even KMSPico).

Key Features :

  • The Brand new kernel can support to all the editions of Windows 10
  • It can work Permanent as well as offline activation at only single click.
  • It is really design in a very friendly way for our user.
  • It is basically depends upon the safe mode of guidance
  • It can automatically supports the update just same as the genuine edition.
  • Success rate of this activation is very high also give supports to the Microsoft products and its editions
  • It can also boot the Original protection of file
  • It can repair Originally the system which can boot under PE
  • It has the Original module of self-test, which can make your activation more reassuring
  • To meet the packaging need it can provide you an Original system deployment
  • It can detect automatically and more accurately which can recognize the all editions of the Windows and Office which have been downloaded.
  • It has the power of Intelligence for the determination for the partitions which are hidden.
  • It has the simulation dynamically of BIOS which also has a motherboard security and protection of the system integrity with great security.
  • It is basically depends on the advanced Grub and also an intelligence technology which can start without any kind of boot information

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